The journal of random facts: Varmilo keyboard brightness, and cool visualizations plus why does LinkedIn disconnect?

OK, some quick and silly notes, mainly to clear out my many tabs open but some random thoughts

On the latest keyboard love…

Varmilo VA87-Mac vs. Keychron K2 and Corsair. I’ve got to say, I’ve been liking the wireless keyboard, the Keychron K2 but I’ve been finding it a bit flaky in that it will sometimes key repeat like crazy and won’t hook up to Bluetooth all the time. The Corsair RGB Core is also flaky at least with Big Sur and will sometimes forget that it is a wireless device. So I’ve been using my Varmilo quite a bit more. It is uncool and wired, but the Cherry Browns are nice and it is white). The only silly thing was I couldn’t figure out how to turn the keyboard backlight on. I thought it was some weird key sequence like the Keychron or the Anne Pro. Silly me, it is just the regular F5 and F6 keys, they work for that keyboard, just like those keys work for the regular Mac Keyboard! I do wish the keys were not underlit, but they are pretty good.

My Unicomp Buckling Spring (like the old IBM PC keyboards) has just shipped, can’t wait to see how well that one works.

And, why oh why, does WordPress keep disconnecting from LinkedIn, it happens every week or so and I really do love the way WordPress has this plugin, but Facebook, Twitter, and even Tumblr are stable, the only solution seems to be to completely disconnect and then connect again. Sigh, first-world problems.

I love great visualizations, here is one that is pretty interesting, it shows the World GDP sometimes called the GWP (Gross World Product), but visually, you can see how Asia is just huge today and how close China is to the US now. Up 7x in the last 15 years thanks to

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