Mac keyboard shortcuts for level 2 wizards

OK, if you the basic Mac keyboard shortcuts like ⌘ (Command) keys like ⌘-X for copy to the clipboard or ⌘-N to get a new window then you are already doing pretty well, but for the level 2 wizards, here are some shortcuts that I find really useful but I have a hard time remembering:

⌘-Spacebar. This brings up Spotlight search and I find it faster than finding an Application on the docker or in the Finder. Also if you hold the spacebar down for a while then instead of getting Spotlight, you will get Siri and on older Macs (that don’t listen to Hey Siri), you can issue voice commands like “Play Music”

⌃-⌘-Spacebar. yes this is really a thing and it brings up the Emoji viewer so you can add those pretty ones into your mail. Note that if you want the Command key, it is actually in the Technical Symbols list and you have enable that manually and it is bizarrely hard. You go to the Emoji viewer with then way to the right are technical symbols and you can see the clover leaf is actually named “Place of Interest”.

Note that there are really two symbol viewers now, when you hit the shortcut, you get the fast one, but at the upperleft is an icon, if you click on it, you get the full viewer, but the full viewer doesn’t have technical symbols on it, so you need to click on the option icon at the upper left and then Customise List and you can select a huge number of symbol categories (like Dingbats!). Also you can only add favorites in the detailed view and not the fast one.

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