When picking an AirBNB and judging neighborhood safety

Particularly, when you are finding your way in a new city, one question is how safe is the neighborhood. The best thing to do is to ask a local of course, but if you don’t have anyone that you know. One trick is to look at the crime in your city and then compare it with that In another place.

As a random example, if you google the crime in say Seattle. I found this site Good Vibes that has this local data which splits up the FBI data (2019 is the latest year).

They also try to estimate neighborhood crime, but it is not clear how they do this (I’m sure it is pretty hard). But while Seattle has detailed numbers, it then tries to estimate it by neighborhood. So for instance it is estimating Capitol Hill crime Rates which tells you it is 194% above the national average (which makes some sense given it is an urban and not a rural setting).

And then if you look at say, the Historic Third District of Wisconsin, it is about 174% of the national crime rate. Net, net, if you don’t think Capitol Hill is too bad, then you wot mind that district either. It’s obviously a rough guess but good to have a sense of it if you don’t know the area.

Or if you look at East Brooklyn, its crime is only 18% above the national average, but there are relatively more violent crimes. Again it’s is hard to know how they calculated this, but kind of interesting to think about.

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