Multi-room audio to your AirPlay 2 speakers and figuring what is Airplay 2 compatible

Ok, AirPlay 2 let’s you run multiple speakers. So with so many different variants that Apple ships. By experiment. Here’s what I found is Airplay 2 multiroom compatible. You can tell this by pulling down on the control center and clicking on the airplay icon and seeing when you click on an output if a check box on the right appears. So there’s a random list of third parties that support it. But of the list seems wrong. For instance it says LG 2019 does but it doesn’t discover this. Also

  • HomePod mini

  • Denon x3700H

  • Samsung Q60

What are not are:

  • Airport Express. This is supposed to be but isn’t

  • AppleTV 3rd generation. Only the Apple TV 4K does apparently.

  • LG Series 9. Although this has worked in the past but now I can’t see it as a airplay2 device or but it is controllable by HomeKit so that I can turn it on and off. Strange.

If you don’t have a compatible device then the new Belkin Soundform Connect is $99 and does this. It’s still in preorder and is pretty pricey. For TVs if you want them to play sound then the Apple TV 4K ia a better deal at $179.

Otherwise if you are like me and have old stereos then this is a good idea.

You can pipe your favorite tunes throughout your entire house with multi-room AirPlay 2 speaker setup.
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