More pen geekery from Pen Addicts, fixing a TWBSI Model 530 and Kara Swisher and Scott Gallaway Podcast

Mike also repaid that I should listen Kara and Scott’s Podcast called Pivot, he’s definitely right about that. It is a great example of having two folks do a great job talking about technology. Got to love it.

Also for those of you who like to have ink stained hands, some great lessons for you. The short one is that if you are going to figure out how to fill a traditional fountain pen, do not just start twisting away as I did. After a good conversation online with Philip at TWSBI, he sent me a $4 part which is basically the pen nib. I had broken it off in the barrel as it turns out. So read guides like those on which explain how to disassemble it. The irony of course is that I didn’t need to twist and turn at all, to refill a fountain pen like this, just dip the nib into the ink and then rotate the back and the ink magically goes in.

Fortunately it turns out that I could turn the broken piece with a paper clip (it was not on tightly), then remove the nib from the metal collar and the nib and nib sleeve will pop out since it is friction fit, so pull on it, then put the new nib in with the nib sleeve and that fits in, then the plastic grip and the whole thing screws into the partial.

Finally, if you are getting into the hobby, the I’ve found the Pen Addict podcast is great and their Pen Addict recommendations on pens are pretty good:

  1. Their recommendations for cheap pens in stores is wonderful and I’ve loved the Uni-ball Signo DX 0.38 (this is usually available by import from jetPens) as it is so fine, the Pentel EnerGel is so smooth
  2. Then for fountain pens $50-$100. They like the TWSBI 580AL. I have the 530 and now that it is fixed, I can say it’s a great value.
  3. Then for deluxe fountain pens at $100-200. I have gotten but not tried Lamy 2000
  4. And finally, for the real rpofessions, the Pilot Custom 912 is a huge luxury item

So net, net, more reviews are coming and I sure hope I don’t end up buying 50 pens as a result 🙂

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