Smart blinds, cooling, sprinklers and dealing extreme heat

OK, well, Seattle just suffered a historic three days of high temperatures (in June?) of over 100F. Portland hit a record 117F. To give you a sense of how hot that is, the Las Vegas record is 117F/48C so that is awesomely high. So what can you do in this kind of temperature. In Seattle, […]

Wow 107F/42C in Seattle, working outside and git lfs

Nothing like pretending like it is Hawaii in the Pacific Northwest, our little neck of the woods hit 107F or 42C which is really unusual, but that doesn’t stop the work, so I hit a bunch of git lfs bugs again. As a reminder, if you get the dreaded “files should be pointer but weren’t” […]

Getting outside WiFi to work with Unifi, avoiding getting the password kick out

Well, there are a few tricks here that these hots days in Seattle (99F/37C) yesterday and a projected (102F/39C) today have taught me about making WiFi work well enough outside the house. The main trick is that inside our house, I’ve been using minimum RSSI. The idea is pretty simple the so called Station (we […]

The Weirdness that is Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro mouse Bluetooth pairing

OK, I really don’t get Bluetooth pairing for this Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro. I just tried to repair it with a different laptop and no matter how many times I powered it on and off it just never worked. I even tried what they claim is a reset which is holding the middle button […]

Amazon Prime Day the weirdness that is checkout and three items is a charm.

OK, there are some great deals on Amazon today (and a lot of junk). One thing that I need a bunch of are: Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24s which are $39 but $29 with a coupon which actually captures a 3MP image (which is about 1.5x bigger image). Finally if you are sure you don’t need […]

Happy Fathers Day and Replace 2013 Honda Fit Headlights with LEDs

Happy Fathers Day all! And like many fathers (parents around the world), the main priority remains making sure the kids are healthy and happy, so I just spend way more brain cells than necessary figuring out to make the relative now, dim 55/60W headlights on our 2013 Honda Fit enter the new age of LED […]

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