The future of spectrum and communications

Wow, things are about to change alot in the communications business. There are two big things happening:

  1. Wifi 6E at 1GHhz at 6GHz. Ok, this has a horrible name, but basically, the US is about to open up 1GHz worth of spectrum in the 6GHz range. The implications of this are just awesome. Right now with 5GHz, you get two places for 80MHz bands in the low at band 36 and band 149, but with 6GHZ, you get 1GHz of additional spectrum so *14* bands of 80MHz or 7 of 160MHz. That is awesome so be careful buying new devices now as 6E is just arriving and promisings lots of clear spectrum. Now of course phones and things need to start to use it, but it will make mesh backhaul easy and for industrial applications, it is really a game changer. Of course it will have shorter range than 5GHz, but it is so much more bandwidth.
  2. CBRS at 150Mhz band 48 at 3.5GHz C Band. This is old Citizens Band radio spectrum and it is licensed, but new phones like the iPhone 11 have what is called Band 48 support. The way this works is that Navy radar gets first priority, then there are priority access license holders who got it in an auction. And you can ask a service for access to it as an general authorized user. This is great for enterprises that want 5G in a protected area of spectrum.

The result is that consumers are about to get lots more spectrum, the implications for enterprises is even bigger, you could now create you own private netwok over CBRS and coordinate that with using WiFi 6E for mega bandwidht

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