iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard Case

iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard Case

We’ve just loved the Magic Keyboard on the iPad Pro 12.9”. The thing is incredibly expensive ($349 for the 5th generation version and $199 for the 4th generation one), but it really works super well particularly with the touchpad support in iPadOS.

So, now that we have it, it’s important that it remain protected and there are lots of options. The Magic Keyboard is actually also a case, but like all things magnetic, the iPad can fall out. Moreover, if you use it in drawing mode, you need something that:

nedrelow Magic Sleeve. This is actually a really clever design, it isn’t ballistic protection, but it acts as a desk mat and uses magnetic to keep it together which is nice. It is pretty cool it is all made by hand by one person. It is also natural wool which is pretty cool. It’s $90, but you get 10% off with an email signup.

Urban Armor Gear UAG Shock Sleeve Lite. This is a sleeve that you slip your iPad into it. This thing is expensive but meets the MIL STD 810G 516.6 drop protection. It’s $65 from UAG direct with 5% off from cash back monitor.com and for right now a free $24 water bottle.

DODOcase Magic Keyboard Case. This is a leather case that goes on the outside of the Magic Keyboard which is great against dings, but not that much cushioning compared to a rubber case. But it looks like a nice bound book.

Waterfield iPad Pro Sleeve. I’ve had a number of these sleeves and they are great particularly with the shoulder strap. Pricey at $79

Hager Lond Magenet Envelope Sleeve. This is a leather sleeve that looks really high end.

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