AirTag Wallet and iPad Pro case reviews

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AirTag Wallet and iPad Pro case reviews

OK, for a long time, I've used a wallet that was integrated into a case on my phone. Then, I looked for proprietary trackers that you could stick on things and even tried the Tile.

But, then two things happened, Apple created MagSafe and a charging system, so it wasn't practically to stick your wallet on the back of your phone. So for the last two years, I used an Apple MagSafe Wallet which was just OK. It would slip off and many times I'd just use the wallet (during COVID times in the house).

So I ordered a variety of holders that would put an AirTag right on my wallet. There is no reason to have it not work. Here is a review of each:

  1. Geometric Goods Minimalist Wallet ($77 from Pinkoi). OK, cutting to the chase, I got this a kind of expensive $76 wallet from it was definitely the most expensive option, but really fit the bill. The AirTag is hidden in a secret compartment in the back so it makes the wallet thicker, but it is a nice leather item (from a Polish company and it comes with free shipping on Pinkoi (a Sequoia backed Taiwan-based startup that works with small original designes, kind of Alibaba plus Etsy). The really nice thing is that you can stick a single hard key in the same pouch area. Plus three credit cards (or a Tesla card key) fit in the front and it has a little leather pull so they pop right out. Really a nice solution.
  2. Crabby Gear Minimalist Wallet and Thread Wallets Minimalist. At $20 and $14, these are little pieces of nylon with a small loop so you can attach an AirTag to it. They are small and light, but having an AirTag swinging around is kind of a pain. The Geometric Goods is thicker but because it is integrated it is actually smaller than all of these. You do have to stick it in your front pocket, but it is small enough that that isn't an issue.

iPad Pro Cases

Well, finding a nice case for expensive hardware was a little tough, I ended up getting two cases and here are the results:

  1. Nederlow Magic Sleeve. Wow, wow, expensive at $99, this is crafted by a one-man band in Brooklyn and it has magnets around the outside a wool felt thing. The nice thing is that it opens into a pad that you can use for your iPad Pro. Plus, it is big enough that you can throw your Apple Pencil, chargers etc in the same case. The magnets are strong enough that it won't fall out unless you really give it a bang. They have versions with a handle as well in case you just want to carry your iPad and also a bundle that includes a wool divider that can also be a mouse pad. Right now that is on sale for $108, so $8 gets you a felt wallet, divider and little thingy to hold cables (I would probably use that to secure an Apple pencil). Well worth it. And, he has sizes that work for a bigger laptop up to 15" as well.
  2. Urban Armor Gear UAG Shock Sleeve Lite.. Then I got a mil-spec iPad case, this thing is actually really sturdy, unlike the Nederlow (which I would put into a backpack or something). But it is big. Over 30cm thick, it is going to protect the thing and that is all you are going to need, but really it needs a handle or something. You can put other junk inside, but I would say that you should probably get a backpack or something if you are going to use this.
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