Olive Oils for 2022

Olive Oils for 2022

Well, it’s that time of year again, so after the 2020 list of really great olive oils that are also available on this Amazon list, its time in 2021 and we’ve settle on some favorites, but its a good time to read Best Olive Oils from the NY Competition to see what’s wonder (gold medals galore) and available generally (eg Amazon) so its so hard to find, so here are some choices from the Amazon 2021 Best Olive Oils List:

Acropolis Organics. This is a single variety Koroneiki olive oil. It is medium blend with red pepper, tomato and green pepper. Chemical-free. $26 on Amazon for 500ml.

Agricola Pobena Alonso Olive. Chilean olive oil is something I’ve never tried but it’s medium bodied from Coratina. With notes of chicory, fennel, ripe and red chili pepper and herb. $27 for 16.9 fl oz or 500ml at Amazon.

Alonso Coratina. Chilean olive oil medium body. 500ml or 16.9 Fl oz for $27 at Amazon.

Cobram Estate Australia Classic. Australia olive oil that’s medium blend by Boundary Blend with fresh grassy notes, green bananas and tomatoes, moderate bitterness and fig leaf, chicory, celery and olive leaf at $17 for 12.7 fl oz or 375 ml at Amazon.

Entimio Vivace. Unique EVOO. Hand picked in Tuscany. Green fruitless and well balanced bitterness and pungency with fresh-cut grade, chicory. $24 for 8.5 fl Oz or 250ml at Amazon.

Lucini Italia Premium Select. Italian olive oil that is very green and has artichoke and peppery finish. A long term winner for the last four years, it’s been a gold winner. $33 for 1L at Amazon.

Manni Oil. This is an Italian oil from Toscana PGI which is made by a technique which makes very rich antioxidants that last for up to three years. The There is Per Me which is stronger, Per Min Figlio which is lighter and the Oil of Life which is mild. The Oil of Life is 8.5 fl oz or 250 ml for $44 at Amazon

Terra Creta Organic. Greek olive oil Koroneiki from Crete. It has subtle pear and almost and is medium Blend. $54 for 3L at Amazon.

Terra Creta Grand Cru. From the same family as the Terra Creta Organic, this is a cooperative of 1,200 farmers in Crete. Its robust as they say so pretty strong with artichoke, fig, unrip chicory. $54 for 1L at Amazon.

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