Do not do this at home Keychron K6 tape and foam mod epic fail

OK, well there is always a bridge too far. In this case, I go the Keychron K6 hot-swappable which is a really nice Bluetooth keyboard that costs just $85 from Amazon but the next step is to actually take the thing apart and stick foam and tape into it.

Long story short, it turns out the switches on the left are incredibly delicate and when trying to cram the foam in (there is really very little space), I ended up snapping off the on/off switch which is pretty horrible. So, although the instructions on disassembly are pretty clear. There are only six Philips screws holding it together so it is kind of a mess to put it back in, you have to make sure that you do not stuff too much foam into the thing. I got foam that was 1/4″ thick and that was a mistake, there is not that much space in the keyboard, so when pressing it down, it snapped off the microswitch.

Sigh. I did do the tape mod where you put painter tape and then a couple of layers of duck tape. I really don’t hear that much of a difference though. I think that this is because the Gazzem Boba U4T are already thocky y and not pingy, so it didn’t make that much of a difference.

The net is that I know has a keyboard that I can’t turn off or switch from Bluetooth to USB which is a shame. Bad on me 😉 And it turns out that if you do simple things like not using the feet extenders, you get a different sound. Net, net, it’s not worth it to open the thing up and risk destroying a $95 keyboard.

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