Before Updating Unifi Console and Applications

There are definitely bad builds of UniFi. I hit this terribly with the 1.09 release which caused all sorts of troubles, so before you update, you do want to check to see if others have had problems. Here is what I do:

  1. I turn off automatic updates on all my Ubiquiti installations and only do installations when I am there in case it needs a hard reboot.
  2. Go to the main Unifi Console screen. If you are on the web, this is at and you click on the main photo of your device. Then click on Settings > Updates and turn off the automatic installation of Console and Applications.
  3. Now when you want to do an installation, click back and you will see update but it won’t actually tell you want it is trying to update to which is pretty inconvenient, you can guess though by looking at the console and each application and you will see the current version number.
  4. Then go to the release page at and do a search for the product and look at the latest page. Below the actual notes are user comments. You basically want to scroll through and avoid ones with lots of issues and bugs. I have tried using the subreddit u/unifi to do the same thing, but there are way more people on the community page.

Final note if you do get in trouble, you can manually downgrade to a good release, but I normally wait at least a month before doing an update, you can actually do this from the command line by first doing an ssh into the controller and then running this command replace the unifi-protect with the applications you want to fix and then the release comes after that:

unifi-os shell
apt-get update
apt-get install --reinstall --allow-downgrades unifi-protect=1.21.3 -y

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