Doing Github PR merges from the command line and fixing Pipenv files

OK, so the good thing is that GitHub generates all kinds of updates on Python packages which are pretty low level. For instance, it will look at PIpfile.lock and tell you for instance that Pillow needs to be at least version 9.0.1 or that a notebook needs to be at least version 6.4.3.

Doing a command line merge of a pull request

You can use the web interface, but I really like just typing instead of doing that, so with the GitHub command-line interface you get with brew install gh, and then you can do some pretty neat stuff:

  1. gh pr list. This command gives you a list of PR
  2. gh pr merge 4. This basically says merge pr request #4 into the current branch and answer a bunch of question.

Dealing with this when you are running PIpenv

The problem of course is that the Pipenv.lock file is too low level to do this, if you are using a Pipenv file, then you need to add an entry like notebook = ">=6.0.4"

If you are using a command-line that is pipenv install 'notebook>=6.04'

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