pc: Great 32 inch monitor by Samsung

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pc: Great 32 inch monitor by Samsung

If you do not have space for the incredible LG C2 42", then the pickings are pretty limited for good TVs, so you are in the range of computer monitors again. While you could get the $1,600 Apple monitor, it is just SDR and 27". So, if you want a good value, Rtings.com likes the Samsung Odyssey Neo G7. Actually, they like the G8 the best as it is a 240Hz display so great for gaming and very color accurate, but it is a whopping $1,700. A better value is the same panel that has been binned at a lower but still incredible 165Hz called the G7. While it lists for $1,400, you can get it $200 off most times at Amazon or Best Buy.

And since it has DisplayPort, you can actually run a MacBook Pro 2022 at 4K@120 Hertz which is pretty great.So you can't get to 165 Hertz but for most none twitch gamers this is pretty awesome.

now if only Apple would fix their software limitation so we could get a full 4K@120 Hertz with 4:4:4 Chroma subsampling and 10 bits per color that would be great. Theoretically, they can do it as this is just 40Gbps and Thunderbolt 4 can support way more but there's an operating system limit.

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