hw: Chicago Screw and Leather goods

OK, I have a really nice minimalist wallet from Geometric Goods. It has a slot for an AirTag and one card that you can easily pull and then room for six more. The problem is that it also has a funny-looking fastener for it and I lost it.

So I’m on a quest to find a replacement. Turns out that you can get replacement screws from Geometric Goods. They are screwed in, so the screw gets loose, but you can also find them if you can find out what they are called.

Turns out they are called Chicago Screws named after the company that invented them. They have a barrel and then a bolt that goes into them and is used for leather goods. They were originally used for horse harnesses and are now used for various leather goods to connect pieces together.

They are also called binding posts when used for bookbinding and you can find them in metric and English measurements. The key measurements are the width of the top of the screw, the length of the screw, and the width of the barrel. These are 4mm wide barrels, 5mm long bolt,s and 9mm diameter at the top, so pretty hard to find in the US.

But you can find them on Etsy and Amazon as well if you look.

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