food: Amazing coffee from JBC Coffee Roasters

While you can get coffee from Starbucks or from Safeway, it’s fun to try some more artisanal varieties. I’ve JBC before and they have an interesting and rotating selection. Plus, you can get them with free shipping if you order three or more and there are various other deals.

I am not a coffee expert, but Coffee Review seems like a good site, so here are some. I also have a French press and burr grinder (not expensive), but they take longer, but the coffee is good! The main things are to use 28 grams of beans per 4 ounces. I use a micro scale for this and to heat the water so it is just under boiling. Then it is 4 minutes in the press and it’s done, all of these are rated 95 at Coffee Review.

  1. Banko Gotiti (Ethiopia). $20 for 12 ounces, so not cheap, but boy is it good. it doesn’t have the charred flavor of the typical Starbucks cup of coffee but is as they say sparkling and crisp. I’m not sophisticated enough to taste it, but they say is has flavors of Lemon, lavender, coconut, and honey.
  2. Patan Musara (Sumatra). This is $23 for 12 ounces, this has black grape, nutmeg, and graham cracker. Another great blend, highly recommended.
  3. La Papaya Natural (Ecuador). This is already out of stock (these artisanal brands go out of stock a lot given the small quantity).

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