dev: GitHub Copilot or Codeium for free?

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dev: GitHub Copilot or Codeium for free?

It's raining development completion tools. I'm still using vi (as the switch to code is delayed as I figure out how to use a GUI code editor, I'm so used to it being in line with my terminal). But, in the meantime, I was wanting to get off of GitHub Copilot since it cost $20/r, but come to discover, I'm somehow getting it free with GitHub Pro. Right now it's not clear that I need GitHub Pro, but by some strangeness, the $100/year GitHub CoPilot has morphed into $4/month GitHub Pro, so I'll keep it for now.

I actually don't really need GitHub Pro, so if Codeium is good enough, then I can get rid of that charge too.

I also turned down my GitHub LFS as that is pretty expensive at $5/month for 10GB. I'll have to migrate my various things off of it I think.

In the meantime, it is basically a one-line change to try Codeium thanks to the installer that is Vim-plug. The main gotcha is that I'm also using Coc to do syntax checking and coc-spellchecker doesn't work with it, the TAB is overloaded, but removing it doesn't seem to do too much damage.

The differences between Free and Pro

It is only $4/month, but good to see the differences which are nearly impossible to find until you downgrade where they have list but this is what you lose. For most folks, this won't matter, for instance I don't use GitHub Pages or Wikis. And the GitHub Action minutes are the biggest deal I think:

  • Protected branches in private repos
  • GitHub Pages in private repos
  • Wikis in private repos
  • Environment deployment branches and secrets in private repos
  • Code owners in private repos
  • Multiple assignees for issues and PRs in private repos
  • Multiple PR reviewers in private repos
  • Standard support
  • 2,000 minutes for GitHub Actions (currently 3,000)
  • 500MB of storage for packages (currently 2GB)
  • 120 core-hours of Codespaces compute (currently 180)
  • 15GB in Codespaces Storage (currently 20GB)

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