Finding street addresses from old Shanghai


Well, it is confusing. After 1940, the street names in the French Concession were changed to Chinese names. And it is unclear what the original Chinese alliterations were. We think that “La ke le lu” was really Lafayette but can’t find a translation. And the cross street is “Ya fei lu” indicates that new and old names. Rue Lafayette is now Fuxing Zhong Lu. It is the only one that sounds like this. is a old map that shows where the old streets are. But no chinese names

It was near Zhen dan University 震旦大学 which says is in English called Aurora University which tells us was merged into Fudan. Existed from 1903 to 1952. In french it was called Aurore and there are which says its main entrance was on Ave. Dubail and on the map it says it was Rue Bourgeat.

There was Aurora Middle School 震旦副中 which was not nearby to the University, but close to the house. It isn’t named, but says there was a school for French children on Avenue Joffre in 1911 which fits, but doesn’t give the location.

It appears to be near Avenue Joffre which sounds close to Yafeilu which sounds close and is the present day Huaihai Lu. The same road as we were yesterday.

The cross street was in the old days Rui1 Ban1 and we are wondering given it is a major street if it could be Rue Dubail which is now Chongqing Lu and is major. We went to a police station to figure it out, so now we have to go to the Huaihai police station to try to find it.

There was a big park to the north called French Gardens (fa guo gong yuan) which is probably People’s Park I would guess which also fits.

As an aside, yesterday we were at Huating Lu and Huaihai Zhong Lu which in the old days was the location of the French Police station in Foch (Post de Police Foch) at the intersection of Avenue Joffre and Route de Say-Zoong

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