Addresses in Suzhou


Trying to find an address in China is kind of tricky because everyone’s handwriting is sloppy and the different regional accents make trying to figure out the tones and the words hard. For instance, my mom pronounced wu2 as “hu2” so mixes these two sounds.

苏州市 su3 zhou1 shi4 Suzhou
吴中区 mu4 zhong1 qu4 MuZhong District
骨口镇 gu3 tou3 zhen1 Gutou Township
新麓村 xin1 lu4 cun1 Xinlu Village
新麓公墓 xin1 lu4 gong1 mu4 Xinlu Public Cemetery

And with Google Maps, you could actually find it via the satellite photo and using an iPhone’s location services which actually works in China:
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