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I’ve been searching for this word for every, luster of pearls, 皪 (li4), for some reason, the Mac input system doesn’t find have it, but it can be displayed http://hk.mdbg.net/chindict/chindict.php?dss=1&wdqchi=%E7%9A%AA&wdqchim=3&wdrst=0

Thank goodness for the old fashion, non-pinyin way of finding words, http://chineselanguage.org/dictionaries/ccdict/view.php?query=76AA&encoding=text&mode=bushou〈=en&beijing=pinyin&canton=jyutping&meixian=pinjim&sound=0& fields=bushou,mandarin,english

Part of the problem might be the word can also be pronounced luo4 and bo1 but neither of those seem to fid the character either。There is a way to manually add words like this that are missing. Also there are many rare Chinese charactres that in unicode but missing from the Mac OS X , so you probably want to get teh simsum.ttc adn simsunb.ttf from Vista and load them if you are a scholar (http://www.yale.edu/chinesemac/pages/osx5.html)

And if you really need something that the Mac input method editor doesn’t have, you can get them in any application that is a modern Cocoa application via Edit > Special Characters and choose View Simplifiend Chinese and select by Radical. So to find this character, you would find 白 click on it and then in the 15 strokes next section you would see 皪 and then you can choose Add to Favorites so it is always around in the right panel.

Or if you know its pinyin, you could search in the search box at the botto for li4

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