Tapulous’s Tap Tap Revenge Has Been Downloaded by 1 out of 3 iTunes Application Users – MarketWatch

Here’s a list by Game, penetration of installed base and the developer

Tap Tap Revenge 32% Games Tapulous, Inc.
Backgrounds 27% Entertainment Stylem Media
Touch Hockey: FS5 26% Games FlipSide5, Inc.
Facebook 26% Social Networking Facebook, Inc.
Pac-Man 24% Games Namco
iBowl 24% Games SGN
MySpace Mobile 23% Social Networking MySpace.com
Google Earth 22% Travel Google Inc.
Labyrinth 22% Games Codify AB
Pandora 21% Music Pandora Media, Inc.
AIM 19% Social Networking AOL
Flashlight 19% Utilities John Haney Virtual
Zippo Lighter 18% Lifestyle Moderati Inc. and Zippo Manufacturing Co.
Movies 18% News Flixster
Hangman 18% Games Jamsoft
Bubblewrap 18% Entertainment Orsome Software Ltd.
Lightsaber Unleashed 17% Entertainment Lucasfilm Ltd
Shazam 17% Music Shazam Entertainment Ltd.
Mazefinger 16% Games ngmoco
Cube Runner 16% Games Andy Qua Sol
Solitaire 15% Games Smallware LLC Crazy
Penguin Catapult 15% Games Digital Chocolate Inc.

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