No, I haven’t lost my mind, but had to share since I’ve had about 10 people ask me what’s going on. Sorry about all the random entries in friendfeed, twitter, facebook and For the geeks, read on. Here is the chain:

  1. nLyrics is this great plug in for getting lyrics to songs kareoke style (don’t ask!)
  2. Listen to iTunes while typing away and you get your lyrics embedded
  3. Tell iChat to listen to iTunes and post iChat status which is the artist, album and title so your chat buddies can see what you are listening to
  4. iChat notifies Gtalk of the status messages and Gtalk treats them like regular IM
  5. Play with friendfeed and turn on Gtalk status notifications become friendfeed messages. Oops. So now every song you play every 3 minutes is getting posted to
  6. Also tell friendfeed to post everything it sees to and now suddenly every song update appears on twitter too
  7. Tell twitter to publish everything it does into facebook and now your facebook friends are wondering WTF
  8. Tell wordpress’s twitter plugin to look for all twits and put them on your blog
  9. Have real humans actually reading twitter, facebook, friendfeed or your blog and send you nasty WTF are you doing anyway, have you lost your mind
  10. Rinse and repeat as needed. I’m going to bed!

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