IP PBX for dummies

Gradually figuring out how this IP PBX stuff works so I can do it myself. Basically, if you’ve got a house or small business with a bunch of old telephones and some old analog lines, here is what you need:

  • Audiocodes MP-114 FXO. This connects 4 analog lines into your IP PBX. You then have a proxy which takes all these analog lines and talks to them over local Ethernet
  • Audiocodes MP-124 FXS. This is a 24-port analog phone to IP. You connect your old phones to this and then point the proxy address to your IP PBX.
  • Mac Mini running SIPXOES. This is from SIPFoundry and is a Linux based open-source IP PBX. It takes the outbound lines from the MP-114 and connects them to the phones in your house vis the FXS.
  • IP Phones. These you plug directly into your network and then talk directly to the Mac Mini

Anyway so much for that, now time to figure out configuration.

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