Quite a day for Apple, they announced a small refreshe to the iPhone with a 3 megapixel phones and 30% better battery life (yeah!). Also the new iPhone 3.0 comes out with copy and paste at last for all their phones. I’m soooo happy about that. It’s launching 19 June!

The big features are Video recording, autofocusing camera, digital compass. For current users, you can upgrade for $200 over the subsidized price. $400 for the 16GB iPhone 3G S (who likes this new name BTW???

Finally, they have a new MacBook Pro 15″ and updates to the 17″ as well as rebranding the highest end MacBook 13″ to MacBook Pro. MacBook Air also gets an update. The MBP 15″ now has a non-user replacable battery with 7 hours of run time. It now finally gets rid of the ExpressCard and replaces it with a SD slot and entry price is now $1700.

The new MacBook Pro 13″ also has a non-user-replaceable battery, adds FireWire and a SD slot. Price drops to $1200 and everyone has a backlit keyboard.

The MacBook Air is now $1500 entry level for a 1.86GB while the 128GB SSD is now just $1800.

In iPhone news, TomTom is going to has an application that lets you use the iPhone as a GPS in your car.

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