Amazing LED based set is the 55″ Samsung because it has great blacks. Google shopping has it for $4500 list price or from ABT for $4,050 so that is quite a deal.

Samsung UN55B8500 Flat-panel TV reviews – CNET Reviews

Deeper black levels than any HDTV available aside from Pioneer Kuro; solid shadow detail; reduced blooming compared with other local dimming LED-based LCDs; accurate, highly saturated color; excellent video processing with adjustable dejudder; numerous picture adjustments; extensive interactive features including Yahoo widgets; beautiful styling with 1.6-inch deep panel; extremely energy efficient.

Samsung’s UN55B8500 55-inch LED LCD HDTV: Mmmm… Pretty: BigPictureBigSound

With local dimming the 8500 series LED/LCD TVs can selectively shut off lighting to areas of the screen as the picture dictates, allowing the set to approach (perhaps event meet) the black levels of top of the line plasma televisions.

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