Arrrggggh. I love BMWs and owned them for something lol 15 year for their ultimate-driving-machineness. But ugh i just hate. Hate their maintenance costs and how enormouse pieces fail.

A friends seven year old BMW had a coolant light on and a high oil gauge light. Walked in with some lights. Walked out with nearly $3k worth of repairs. Including a $700 water pump. OMG how could a car require that much service.

48 hours later the check coolant light goes off. Then off. Then driving along and there is amazingly no chime so just have to notice a small red light at the engine temp gauge. Pull over.

Turns out the little plastic overflow cracked and dumped all the coolant. Fixing the tub costs $500!!!! Now of course that the engine has overheated I’m sure we will see another $10k of related failures.

Two good things to report

1. If u buy a BMW make sure to get the six year and 100k full maintenance contract. Sell the thing at 5.5 years for whatever u can get. At least they offer this otherwise u have unlimited downside.
2. If u have a car like this get AAA. It is $89 and make sure the card and number are taped to the glove box inside. Or make sure if have the BMW towing service u have those numbers. While unlikely the failures will for older vehicles be likely enuf to need it. Btw AAA is amazing. Signed up online via iPhone and then called and got towed.

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