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It’s been a long time since I’ve lost myself in a computer game, but the story of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is just kind of amazing. Piloting snowmobiles, boats and other things is just so cool. What story. Anyway, finally flew through at regular and it was haaard. Now is the time to go back and really learn it. There is alway multiplayer which is more like run-and-gun, but the levels are fun. There are lots of strategy guides from places like and a host of amazingly cool weapons too. They sold 4.7 million copies in a single day. Wow, that is kind of amazing. Last record was 1.1m with Grand Theft Auto.

There are some pretty cool new weapons at least to me like:

  • FAMAS which is a bullpup rifle that is the standard issue for the French Army.
  • SCAR-H is the Special Forces Combat Assault Rifle used by the US SOCOM and made by Fabrique National. It is brand new and is being deployed this year with the 75th Ranger. H means heavy and uses the 7.62mm round. It will rplace the M4A1 and also sniper rifles as well. It beat the M4 carbin, HK415 and the HK XM8. It will also have a grenade launcher option. In MW2, it has a smaller capacity but is a one shot kill. It also has a Heartbeat Sensor
  • TAR-21 is an Israeli bullpup assault rifle firing 5.56mm rounds and stands for Tavor Assault Rifle 21 century. Since it is bullpup, it is shorter in length but has the same barrel size. In MW2, it is one shot kill and has low recoil so is highly accurate. At 50-150 meters, it will outgun every other SMG and assault rifle.
  • FAL fires the 7.62 round and was used udring the Cold War and was first developed in 1948.
  • F2000 is also bullpup and is a 5.56mm system developed in 2001
  • Striker is a 12-round revolver shotgun developed in Rhodesia

Then there are some new light machine guns, like

  • L86 LSW is the light support weapon of the British Armed Forces.
  •  AUG HBA and machine pistols like the PP-2000.

Finally, there are new walkthroughs

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  1. We were among the 4.7 mm (I assume that was Launch Day sales) who pre-ordered and got the game on its Launch date (and learned that Amazon delivers pre-ordered games free on their launch date). I have mostlly seen the “Run and Gun” multi-player action going on around here, but I am going to share this with my 8th grader and maybe he will try the individual mode. Nice to see a game review from a source I know

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