I’m just amazed at the customer service differences that exist now. I’m willing to bet thy this eventually translates sinto loyal customers and more profits. But distinctions

1. I’m standing at te Apple Store. Bought an iMac. Screen was cracked when I opened it. In PC land this woul have been a disaster. Who do I return it to. Instead the guy looks At the screen says yes and they r pullihg one a fresh one off the pallet. Wow. Result is it doesn’t matter what software u run, work with a high service computer vendor and buy the three year walk-into-store service plan.

Then I hear that xbox just banned a million customers from their online service. No word of any povess. Just boom ur dead. No amnesty. And who do u call and visit anyway. It’s sad to me because te word of mouth effects ate really big. Plus it is not like the xbox is a perfect no failure rate product anyway. I’d say update your firmware. Result is for me to minimize software purchase there and hardware too since clearly the vendor thinks they own the machine and everything else.

Contrast is the iPhone cat and mouse on pwning. While apple could destroy your Phone. Why not just make it mire conve isn’t to download. Translation is that it is ok to buy an iPhone and fun to just buy stuff on it.

Final sad case is of course all that data loss with Danger. I hear it was recovered but hard to have faith and nobone ever thought danger would make good. Result is really being witted abou entrusting data into the cloud.

Tried to charge something. Fraud detection comes up. This is a mileage card so they start asking where I was on such and such a date. First shock that this kid of information is shared with the credit card group. Then they ask me what my mileage balance is so i flunk the test. Result I want to cancel the card.

While everyone makes great products it is really about the quality of the whole experience.

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