Nook vs. Kindle Touch

Nook vs. Kindle Touch

Well, I'm not sure I'd get the Fire vs. the new iPad 3, but for reading books, it does seem like a dedicated device is the right answer. So is it Nook or is it Kindle?
Both are $99, so what are the pros and cons?
The pushes are:

  1. Identical hardware, both are touch screens
  2. The screens look the same, the battery life is the same (months!) and the form factor is the same
  3. The prices are the same at $99

The differences are:

  1. The Kindle Touch has advertising on the front page (not that big a deal)
  2. The user interface on the Nook is better
  3. Amazon has Prime so it acts like a subscription service for $80, you get free 2-day shipping and get a rental model for books, so you likely won't be buying anything at all most of the time. You can borrow a book a month, one at a time.

Net, net most reviewers like the Nook Touch for lack of offers and better navigation, but practically speaking the Prime thing is pretty important price-wise and I can't help but wonder if B&N will be here in five years. But some give to Kindle because of cloud storage etc.

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