Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer

Its so sad, I used to be so good at these games when they were on the PC and now on consoles, I'm just dead last in our house. There is a big shift from single player to multiplayer. Multiplayer isn't really a combat simulation, but something else entirely. So no more sneaking around with your one and only life. It is mainly running and gunning. So to keep up in the 21st century, it's time for me to learn. I asked the best guy at home how to do it and here are some of the tips from him and the web...

  1. Keep moving and always be the smallest possible target.
  2. Be as small as possible. Go prone or get down. Avoid open spaces and stay close to buidlings and cover
  3. Don't charge right in, try to flank your opponents, use the minimap to figure out where they are. 
  4. Make sure to check the maps. With the new Call of Duty Elite, you can check the heat map and see where the center of the action is. You don't want to be in that kill zone. This is super helpful to me as it is hard to visualize the map from that tiny mini map and the map with out anything isn't super useful.
  5. Going around corners, you just turn and fire. This helps you with the key skill is turn while shooting, that's a big skill as you are firing into the center but you have the most angular velocity.
  6. Pick and gun and stick with it. In MW3 for the first time, it keeps track of how many kills you get with a gun and unlocks more and more. So it pays to stick with something. The assault rifle is the choice for medium maps and with selective fire (like the M-16), you just keep tapping the trigger and get 3 accurate shots off each time. For small maps, the submachine gun because it is light and fired from the hip pretty accurate.
  7. Aiming is what matters. They suggest turning down sensitivity down to 3-4 and vibration on the controller. I really panic when i see someone, but the key in one report is to keep the aim point center so that you can bring your gun and aim down the sight easily. The opposite tactic is to just drop down as you make a smaller target too but makes you less mobile

Some tips from

  1. Make sure you know your role. For instance a good one for me would be protecting a room that has a sniper it in.
  2. Don't just sprint to the hot spots. It is what I do all the time. The problem here is the delay between the time you bring up your gun and when the other guy has you in his sights, so he suggest moving slowly with the gun up. Do this walking out of buildings and around corners
  3. When shooting, you want to aim down the sight (ADS) and move side to side making it more difficult to get hit.


  1. Wow, this stuff really works for a total noob. Its a sad statistic, but moved from K/D ratio of 1:10 to 1:4 to now 1:2. Still pretty sad, but this stuff is helpful!

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