HD HomeRun Prime


Well I've gotten HD HomeRun Prime to work on Mac MythTV and also Windows Media Center, but haven't gotten much further. Mainly use a TiVo to record things with kmttg which also does ad skipping. What I really want is an easy way to do this with HD HomeRun Prime and get rid of the TiVos all together.
Here are the various plans:

  1. I have a Mac Mini running MythTV connected directly to a television. The problems are that I haven't gotten Mac MythTV to accepth MythTV
  2. I can't figure out how to get renamer.pl to name MythTV files in human readable format. I downloaded the scripts, but can't figure out how to run them in Mac Myth. And I don't really want yet another box (eg Linux) to support it).
  3. Plex works great for stored movies and TV Shows (although the media server seems to crash quite a bit on the Mac Mini, but is stable on the Synology box, always nice to have too). It would be cool to get Plex which has a nice user interface and an iOS client to see live TV and be a PVR.

So here is the plan:

  1. We have one Windows machine, get it running with HD HomeRun Prime for testing and to see in that room.
  2. Get MythWeb running on that Mac Mini again to make sure we can see it.
  3. There is something called SuperTV which is an XBMC and Plex add-on that let's you see broadcast TV from around the world. Pretty cool
  4. There is discussion about getting Plex HD HomeRun Prime directly try that.
  5. XBMC is pretty nice as well although the iOS client requires jailbreaking, but it has an HD HomeRun but not Prime add-on and there is much about creating the right .strm files.

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