Bluehost migration to Namecheap and…


Well bluehost used to be so inexpensive, but like all service, they gradually ratchet the price. Domain registration used to be $5 then $8 and now $15 for basically doing nothing. I've been meaning to look at alternatives and seems like a decent choice. They have a lost cost privacy guard as well. So off we go.
Also as an aside, these hosting services provide huge bounties so you know they have big margins. Using, there is a 30% rebate for alone and another 20% off for transfers?!
Next up is figuring out what to do with a complete mess of hosting I have. We have one domain on as a cloud hoster. This is great but is expensive ($5/month) and limited disk. Bluehost is wonderful because they have unlmited storage and unlimited emails. I looked things up and westhost might be the answer. On the other hand bluehost although owned by some massive private equity firm has been decently reliable.
It is just so hard to figure out what a good hosting service is because all the reviews are distorted by huge affiliate fees. Yoast says that he can get up to $150 per new site wow you can see how the margins are incredible. But it does seem like westhost isn't a bad one to try.
Because there are such incredible new site incentives, you really should swap hosting services every year if you don't mind the hassle. For instance Westhost is 50% off the first year on the site and then via there is another $35 off, so in fact it is nearly free the first year.

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