Well the phone wars don’t seem to be ending soon. We have 10GB+1GB for $80 and now this is down to 12GB for $80 in the new Verizon Plan, so what’s not to lose. The big change is that they are debundling purchase, so the access charge is down to $20/month but you have to buy your device. it is $15/month for everything. So here are the current best deals:

  • Version. 12GB/$80 with $20/month access charge.
  • T-mobile 10GB/$100/month with the first wo lines free

If you are an occasional user, a really amazing deal is the T-mobile $30/month pay as you go plan. You get a Sim and activate it on t-mobile.com, then you get in a month up to 4GB of data.  A new SIM is $15 from the T-mobile store for $10 from Amazon.com
And if you go over they have a no additional cost for roaming built into their plans called Simple Choice that start at $30/month.
If you just need international data, then they have a $30/month international data plan that is prepaid.

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