Well I know that it isn't practical, but wow, the new MacBook is kind of amazing. For $1300 you get a 256GB flash system with 8GB of memory and it is completely fanless. Most importantly it has a nice keyboard and reasonable 7 hour battery life. The main issues are:

  1. it is mid product life cycle as it was announced in April 2015 and Skylake and since shipped
  2. The 8GB of ram seems a little light, although 256GB of flash seems OK.
  3. The conversion to a single USB-C connector type and how to manage getting power to it (you need an adapter) when it is docked, you need, but this is largely solved with various dongles. The best one has HDMI 4K output with 1 USB 3.1 Type A connector, so for this setup 
    1. USB keyboard
    2. USB mouse
    3. Monitor connection either HDMI 4K or mini DisplayPort
    4. Gigabit ethernet
    5. SD card adapter

So it's been out for a year, it might make sense to see if an update is coming as Skylake is here

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