Well we’ve use the Ubiquiti Unifi’s for the last few year and have had good luck with them but now the product line is huge a little confusing, so in order from most capable and expensive to least. It is tough because all the names sound the same with all the data sheets:

  • Unifi AP AC Outdoor. $470. This is a rectangular unit appropriate for outside with a whopping 160m range and same 450/1300Mbps. It is $470 at Amazon because it works outdoors. 183m/600 feet
  • Unifi AP AC. $288. This is the square one, it uses standard POE (48V and you don’t need Unifi’s proprietary controller). 450Mbps at 2.4 and 1300Mbps at 5GHz with 122m/400 feet range. It is expensive at $288 from Amazon.
  • Unifi AP AC Pro. $200. This is a round one that uses standard POE and has, it is 450/1330 and 122/400 foot range. And yes, it is confusing that it is called Pro. It is also waterproof. $200 from Amazon but will be $169 if B&H ever gets it in stock.
  • Unifi AP AC LR. $109/5. This is also round and longer range at 166m but only does 450/866 and needs the proprietary power from Ubiquiti switches. $200 from Amazon. Note the five pack is much cheaper at $548 for five at Amazon or $109.
  • Unifi AP AC Lite. $180. This is standard range and has lower 2.4GHz capacity at 300/866 and proprietary power. $180 from Amazon.

Looking at these price curves, Unifi is much more expensive than the original Unifi AP at $67, but you are getting lots more bandwidth. You probably do not want to get stuck with a proprietary power scheme, so the Unifi AP AC Pro sure looks like the irght price unit. Lots of bandwidth and standard range which is ambitiously 400 feet without obstructions.

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