Android File Transfer for Mac


Android to Mac is pretty mysterious, it doesn't show up in Mac Photos (of course) nor does it show up as a USB device so you need to:

  1. Download Android File Transfer
  2. When you plug your Marshmallow phone in, it should pop up the USB transfer select dialog and you pick File Transfer to get a file view

The problems I found are:

  1. You can get stuck in "locked" mode. That is even though the phone is unlocked, the "locked" icon still shows up. I had to reboot the phone to fix.
  2. If you plug it in the first time you won't get the dialog. With Marshmallow, they seem to have move the dialog. It is no longer in Settings/USB & Storage on the upper right. You have to touch the tiny status bar at the top and then USB Transfer appears as a notification item.

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