Well I guess if you’ve built 20 machines by hand, it is inevitable you are going to get hardware problems and boot problems. Here are some and what to do to solve them:

  1. Ubuntu 14.04 gets stuck in a logon loop. I’ve had this problem twice now. You reboot your machine and then at the login screen, you type your password and it just returns to the login screen. There are two fixes. First is that you could have permissions problems with Ubuntu Desktop. The fixes are: a) make sure the $HOME/.Xauthority is set to your user name and group and not root:root
  2. Another problem could be with your nVidia drivers if you have them. There is an error complaining about Xlib: extension GLX missing no found and so you should try to sudo apt-get remove nvidia-370 or whatever driver you have and see if that helps. You can tell if your nVidia driver is working by looking at the resolution of your startup screen. In my case, it defaulted to an ugly VGA on a gigantic 2500 display. Reinstalling the nvidia drivers leads to an error at-spi2-registryd main process ended

Then there are two problems that I haven’t figured out yet:

  1. One machine does not even POST. It was working fine and then when we rebooted no video at all shows. Removing the nVidia card and booting from the onboard graphics does not seem to help. The main suggestion is reset the CMOS jumper and then remove the CMOS battery for 15 minutes. It sure might be a motherboard failure or a short.
  2. Another machine works fine and then suddenly just powers off. Or it will work fine and then when you hit the power switch nothing happens, it doesn’t spin up at all. We have replaced the power supply, removed the onboard gr

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