MacOS Finder Shortcuts and DxO Strangeness


Two quick notes. Since upgrading to MacOS Sierra, I’ve found that DxO in both its version 10 and version 11 is a little strange so some quick notes:

  1. The main window seems to get stuck in a highly vertical view. You have to click between the crop and move buttons and then drag the zoom window on the left to get it to pop back to a full view of the image.
  2. The little toggle buttons in the menus are now overlapped with the title text so you cannot see the toggle buttons. Just click through as the title text is transparent.

Then the second thing is that I’ve been using raw Finder to preview lots of images. If you hit the space bar while highlighting an image, you get an instant preview. Moreover a search for keyboard shortcuts has me so happy there are zillion of them with some of the most useful being:

  • Cmd-1, Cmd-2, Cmd-3, Cmd-4: Changes finder views
  • Right arrow and left arrow: in list view, this goes up a directory and down
  • Space: gives you quick preview on highlighted file. When you hit the space, you can then hit the down arrow and see the next one. If you do not want the item, you can hit the delete key.


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