OK, electrek is not a bad source. net, net, these make me feel better that there isn’t a near term Tesla competitor

https://electrek.co/2018/06/25/bmw-next-gen-electric-powertrain-technology-ix3/ points out that BMW sees this just as a compliance car business. They are going to do hybrid cars mainly and don’t control their pack supplies. They are using low volume prismatic

https://electrek.co/2018/06/14/jaguar-i-pace-review-the-240-mile-luxury-sport-utility-is-everything/It is actually an inch shorter than our Bolt. Seems like it is basically a low volume car for existing Jaguar owners. This is a $80K car that the major media has been talking about and calling a Model x killer. Some things I didn’t realize, they expect to ship at most 20K a year. The size of the car is quite small. About the size of a Model 3 and not a Model X. It is designed for off roading but has a relatively thin 7mm aluminum plate protecting it, will be exciting when it hits a rock. And has a beautiful interior though. The interesting thing is that charging (like with the Bolt) is not a super priority, there is no CCS charging. And even Jaguar dealers will only get a relatively slow Level 2 charger.

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