OK, we just signed up for 150Mbps from Comcast (only real choice in our neighborhood). When I try to use a speed test, I get 60Mbps, this is from Ookla, but when I try the Comcast speed test, I get 120Mbps, I wonder what is going on.
The results seem variable, but one test shows 94Mbps download and 120Mbps upload with 15ms latency. And in another result I get 99Mbps download, 152Mbps upload and 7ms ping time.
But when I try it I can see bursts to 120Mbps but never 150Mbps and the download speeds are really weird sometimes at 400Mbps (the wire speed of my LAN connection).
However when I use Speedtest by Ookla, I get a very, very different result, 70Mbps download and 5Mbps upload. Wow, that’s a huge difference.
Looking at Lifewire, it’s pretty clear it is hard to conduct a real speed test, but you have to reboot your modem, router, computer and clear your browser cache. I didn’t do any of these. They also like Speedtest by Ookla as well. So off to clear everything and try again.

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