Best car camping gear: coolers, stoves and plates


Well if you are car camping, you have so much more latitude in terms of gear. You don't have to eat dehydrated food. You don't need to worry about weight. So for the average mortal it's way more practical. Here are some things to get to prepare in order of comfort:
Sleeping pad. You want the ultimate in luxury here so a good 2.5 or 3 inch air pad is great. Packs small and is really comfortable.
Cooler. While you can get a $300 Otterbox cooler that will keep things at 39 degrees for a week, that's a bit of overkill. The $50 Coleman cooler is just fine. The main thing it lacks are wheels but I've found wheel coolers to not work super well. You need a taller one so that works better like the Igloo
Stove There are many kinds but the $30 Coleman Classic is most all people will need

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