Wow these cars are pretty incredible. You basically just change the oil and then you hit the 60K major maintenance interval. Looking at the Owners Manual, here is what is required then. Don’t let a repair shop lead you wrong, if you haven’t been abusing the car, here is what you might expect to see, so first download the massive owner’s manual and then take a look:

  1. Brakes. Not on the list but if you get your brakes to last this long, you are doing great. Most of the time the front brakes wear first. $3-400 is pretty reasonable for a brake job on a car like this.
  2. 60K Inspection. This is the normally list of things to look at. The car is pretty smart if you get an A service code that means oil, when you get B, that means major check.
  3. Then there are a series of codes that come up when you need to change various filters and fluids.

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