Here is where I am. A second level tech fixed WordPress. Said I had some bad ini Giles. I presume they mean php.ini. I suspect there were ones outside the main root directory. But it still doesn’t work correctly. Unfortunately she also changed the name of the blog and I moved domains so I have to ssh in and the domain has changed.

Droplet mainly works and is fast my big with a masked xmlrpc.php is really strange. I can’t figure out where masking is. Not in .htaccess. Could be in the Apache2 confit somewhere like the rewrites in sites-available.

In looking around /etc/apache2 I see a directory conf-available and one is block-xmlrpc.conf. Eureka it’s enabled.

So their default installer must do this silently. Instead of this start Jetpack and have it do the work of blocking multiple parallel request then run

a2diconf block-xmlrpc.conf
systemctl restart apache

Note that if you curl this on the droplet it doesn’t work. Curl seems to cache entries.

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