Wow this is really a black art to getting all this to work. There are some important things to understand if you have an Instapage site and are trying to get Facebook to work with and advertise it.


When you want to create a business on Facebook make sure:

  1. Never create an account that isn’t really a person.
  2. Go to to create a new page
  3. From there add additional employees to manage the page


  1. Unlike it other brethren from Microsoft to Github to Google to Twitter, Facebook does not like having more than one account. You can in essence not really have a work account and a personal account on Facebook.
  2. If you do want to do the above, then you can easily get into the Facebook penalty box where it is going to loop asking for photo validation as it struggles to figure out if you are new person. The best solution seems to be to VPN in from Japan where they don’t allow photo validation. So the most important thing to do if you want to have a is to make sure you are using VPN from Japan when you are using your work account.
  3. The proper way to do this is a little tricky. First, you need to manually login into ``. This is a magic URL you have to remember. Like most 21st century companies, Facebook is not worried about edge or corner cases. So if you try to create an account from and not the overview page, you will actually create a new personal Facebook account which is going to have all kinds of problems. So login from the Overview page.
  4. Now that you are in the business manager, this is the ‘adopt’ an existing Facebook Page. This is a key concept. From any personal Facebook account, you can create a Page which is your business or organization persona and you have kind of a mini-sharing where you can share with the personal ids of other people. This isn’t going to scale well in an enterprise because you have to keep track of a zillion random emails. But with this, you invite people using their company identification and manage them that way. By the way, the thing requires that you have the Pages created (or adopted from existing personal accounts) and only then can you add employees and people who can manage those “Pages”.
  5. Once the pages are created, you send invites using your company emails. This is nice because you can now administer things pretty simply. When your employees sign on, they will have to authenticate with their person facebook user name and password. That is how Facebook binds your business email to your personal identification.
  6. One horrible consequence of this is that you are vulnerable to any individual being hacked and thus having access into your Facebook business accounts. There is no OneLogin or other mechanism to police the use of passwords that are weak, so beware.

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