Adding a registered or trademark symbol to WordPress sites

Well if you smart, you have gone to the government and registered your company name as a trademark, but you have to defend your mark and make sure that it is used. It is a little tricky to figure out how to do this, so here’s what to do in WordPress:

  1. While you can figure out how to type a ® or ™ or whatever keyboard you have, the simplest way is to use the HTML escapes which are ® and this will do the right translation for you. There is huge variety these, I bet you can guess what © gives you.
  2. Now the problem is that when you do this, the character appears inline, so you have to make it a superscript. Most of the WordPress editors do not do this for you, so you have to use an HTML tag <sup>™</sup> to get the trademark up a bit a demonstrated here.
  3. It turns out that this is usually just right for most fonts, this is fine, but for headers, it is too low, so you can add multiple superscripts like <sup><sup>™</sup></sup> and then it keeps pushing it up.
  4. You can also shrink the font relatively, with <small>™</small> and of course you can do multiples to make it smaller. The nice thing is this font sizing is relative which is nice so <small><small>™</small></small> works.

But how do you get this into the system in the first place:

  1. If you are using Gutenberg which is the default in WordPress, there is a Edit in HTML and then you can just add the tag.
  2. In Elementor, in Headings, it is already HTML but that is not clear. For paragraphs you can choose the HTML tag.

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