Pool Rakes and Skimmers

No I don’t mean the automatic kind, I mean the simple net with a pole, you wouldn’t think it would take so much work to get a simple thing, but even with Fakespot and reading reviews, things are getting past all these systems

Do not get the POOLWhale despite the 5 star reviews

Again, thanks to fakespot.com for helping get through the bad reviews, but for $18, you can be set with a GKanMore rake or POOLWhale. We got the Poolwhale, because what the heck, what a great name, but sadly is not a great product.

But we found it was actually super flimsy, it is about 4 feet long which isn’t bad, but the connection to the pole was terrible and loose, so a little duct tape fixed that.

And the last section popped out as well, so that needed Duct Tape as well.

Little Giant Skimmer Net

Our old pool skimmer lasted years mainly because it is one solid piece. It is more bulky at 48” long, but there are not parts to come, well, apart 🙂

I just wish there was an easy way to repair the net itself.

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