TV Prices falling again: Sony X85J and Samsung 8000

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TV Prices falling again: Sony X85J and Samsung 8000

Well, last year with the pandemic, the prices of 2019 television really fell, but through most of 2021, the prices have been high with shortages, but in the last few weeks, this about to be old stock, is falling again so it is not a bad time to buy. When looking at, there is relative stability in the market, the core features are HDR, 4K, and 120 Hertz for gaming. And of course, getting the highest quality with OLED or Quantum LED.

The next low point will probably be in January and December deals, so if you want wait it out, then do that, but as always, the quality of these units are so high, you shouldn't expect much change and with Delta coming having a good quality TV is not a bad thing if you are starting at a TV while working out.

Also at 120 Hertz with VRR, these are very decent gaming systems as well as being great PC monitors. So for that purpose there two 43" monitors to think about. 43" is really the biggest you would want for computer use (I actually use a 55", but divide the screen into six tiles):

  1. Sony X85J 43 inch (KD-43X85J). This launched at $900 and is not $700 at Amazon and Best Buy. This X85J uses a VA panel (the X80J is a IPS panel and really good for a PC Monitor only, the movies are not as nice). It has HDMI 2.1 so you can run 4K at 120fps. And if you wondering if it will fit in a 39" inner diameter cabinet, it is 37.95 x 22.17 x 2.72 so should fit fine.
  2. Samsung UN43AU8000FXZA. You've got to love the Samsung names, but this 8000 series is nearly as good in lower light rooms. At $449 at Amazon, it is about the same price as the Q60s we got last year and those were great monitors. it is a VA panel as well.

Net, net, I'd say if you were in a business and want a monitor, the Samsung is just fine, but if you are buying for home and you want it to last a while and want to reserve the option to game, then the X85J makes sense. And of course if you want to splurge and just want the best possible television, then I would pick:

  1. LG C1. We have the 55 C9 and a 77 inch CX and I have to say, the quality is just unreal. They are expensive at $1,500 for a 55 inch model at Amazon but the colors are breathtaking. It scores 8.8/10. But everyone really wants the 85" OLED83C1PUA for $5.5K at Amazon! The sad thing is that if you have a 39" wide cabnet, the dimensions of this are 42.2" x 25.6" x 9.9" so it won't fit.
  2. As an aside, if you have money to burn the Sony A90J is great. For a truly breathtaking $2.8K at Amazon, you can get a Sony XR55A90J which is also OLED and just a tad better, but probably not worth it for most folks. Also 8.8/10.
  3. Samsung QN90A. These use quantum dots and they have really come up fast to compete with OLED. The big advantages are no burn in problems. But it has all the goodies in the VA panel include HDMI 2.1. 8.6/10. It is $1,400 from Amazon for the 50" model QN50QN90AAFXZA, but you really want the 85" QN85QN90AAFXZA for $4K 🙂

Finally, if you do buy this, use to get to Topcashback which offers 2% off and make sure to subscribe to the Best Buy Rewards as they provide 1.5% if you spend over $1,500 a year :-). OH and make sure you have Honey loaded too

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