Kindle Paperwhite reviewed

Kindle Paperwhite reviewed

Ok starting with the pandemic and thanks to a great sale from Amazon I got a Kindle Paperwhite. Its the first kindle I’ve gotten since the very first original one with the keyboard. It was slow but it had a Sprint connection.

In truth I never used it very much and I thought that the Paperwhite would be a great upgrade and in fact it works way better. The swiping is fast and the screen is really clear. And the addition of LEDs means you can read in the dark.

Overall, if you do read a lot it’s a nice choice. The main issue is that I barely have time to read. Too busy. Podcasts and audiobooks work well while driving.

The kindle product line is pretty confusing but the basic kindle is cheap with not a great display. Then there is the oasis which is crazy big so the kindle Paperwhite is about perfect.

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