Shop Vac 6 Gallon Filter, Detroit and African chips

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Shop Vac 6 Gallon Filter, Detroit and African chips

Ok some truly miscellaneous things on our Amazon shopping list:

Shop vac replacement cartridge filter and bags

We have shop vac 6 gallon vacuum and it works great, but the filter is completely shot because we used it to vacuum 10 pounds of baking soda that was soaking up mineral oil (a long story!), so we need new filters and its been on the list for literally three years, finally saw the box and the number. It is a model Lowes part number 549705 with shop vac Model SL14-350A. The key data is that it has three different types of filters. Cartridge Filter (90304 Type U), Foam Sleeve (90585 Type R and 5-8 Gallon Disposable Filter Bag (90661 Type E). We completely destroyed the cartridge filter.

Why the three different types, well, use the Foam Sleeve if you are vacuuming up wet stuff, the Disposable Filter bag for dry stuff as it makes disposing easier. The Cartridge filter is the last thing you want to use and is for those cases where you don't need a bag and it just dumps big junk right into the barrel. Also you need a fine filter if you are things like drywall dust and then a medium filter for things like saw dust. A clone 90304 type U is $17 at Amazon and the 6 clone 90661 bags are $18 at Amazon.

Cool Snacks from Detroit and West Africa

OK, if you are bored of the typical mass market products, here are some things to try:

  1. Better made Special Potato chips. What a great story of a small chip maker based in Detroit. Pretty good chips too. You can get four 9.5 ounce bags for $29 at Amazon.
  2. Yolele Fonio. This is from a chef from Senegal, really interesting flavor salty with a sweet after taste. Nice! $20 for four bags at Amazon or cut out the middle man and order direct, free shipping over $32.
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