Unifi Updates taking advice from Forums and Reddit

Well, I did a bad update to our Unifi system a few months ago. I forget the exact version, but basically 1.10 or a version like that was a bad update and 1.11 fixed this. This means that I don’t just say auto-update anymore for UniFi as there are lots of remote site right now where the Internet is mission-critical, so if you are in the same circumstance how do you make sure that the upgrades take:

  1. First of all, I don’t do remote updates anymore. Only when I go to a site do I do the updates.
  2. Looking at what updates are where is actually not super easy. If you go to the individual applications and then if you go to Settings at the bottom left, you will see the current version number, so Network on my main network is right now 7.1.66 for example, but the easiest way is to go to Unifi OS which is the base system and then Settings > Updates and then you will see for the base UniFI OS, Network, Protect, Access, Talk and UID, the current version and then the update.
  3. Now go to Reddit and look through the Unifi Versions subreddit and search for the update and see how many upvotes and downvotes it has so you can get a sense of whether it worked or not. Avoid the ones where there are lots of downvotes
  4. Also go to the Unifi community site where the downloads are releases are discusses. They actually have this great feature where release versions also have comments underneath. And make sure that it works ok for the other folks.
  5. And away you go!

Then when all this is set:

  1. Make sure you download the configuration in case the whole thing breaks. This is pretty simple now, you can just download
  2. I try to upgrade one application and a time and run a quick test starting with the ones that are least essential. Like start with Protect, the Access, then the Network and finally the UniFi OS last.

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